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Investment Property in North Cyprus

Besides being the largest independant estate agency in North Cyprus, Busy Bees is (as far as we know) the only Estate Agency with a full-time, professional investment agent. This gives you the opportunity to locate the real hidden gems that may otherwise only be available to locals.

There are several benefits of investing in real estate in North Cyprus:

  1. Affordable prices: North Cyprus has relatively low property prices compared to other Mediterranean destinations, making it an attractive option for investors looking for a good value.
  2. Tax benefits: North Cyprus offers a number of tax incentives for foreign investors, including low property taxes and exemptions from capital gains tax.
  3. Growth potential: The North Cyprus property market is considered to have significant growth potential, as the country's tourism industry continues to develop and the demand for property increases.
  4. Lifestyle: North Cyprus offers a high quality of life, with warm weather, beautiful beaches, and a relaxed lifestyle.
  5. Citizenship by Investment: North Cyprus offers a citizenship by investment program for foreign investors who make a substantial real estate purchase, which provides many benefits including visa-free travel to more than 100 countries.
  6. Rental income: North Cyprus is a popular tourist destination, this make it a good location for holiday rental properties, which can generate a steady income for investors.

It's worth noting that as with any real estate investment, it's important to conduct thorough research and due diligence to understand the risks and potential returns involved.

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Forbes Magazine, the highly respected source of investment advice that is the go-to point of reference for many private and professional investors, published an article on what they rated as the best beachfront property investment opportunities in the world. North Cyprus, located towards the eastern end of the Mediterranean with its warm climate and friendly people, came out as the number one. Why do Busy Bees Estate Agents believe that this global number one ranking was justified? Part of the reason that The Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus has so much to offer the discerning property buyer and real estate investor at this point in time, could be the fact that the development of beachfront projects with sea views in some astonishingly beautiful locations is a relatively recent change to the portfolio of property and Mediterranean real estate options. Serious real estate developers and financial investors have recognised that the time-limited availability of prime beachfront land offers opportunities not to be missed. The benefits attached to Investment Propertys in North Cyprus can only come from new build projects and such opportunities may be very hard to find in other Mediterranean countries that are already over developed. The scope to build high-quality resorts and the possibility to provide both low-level villa-style accommodation and also a range of luxury apartments and penthouses within these projects, is an opportunity not to be ignored. This fact cascades down to the ultimate investor, namely the buyers of the homes being built on these ambitious and exciting real estate projects in North Cyprus. Given such a range of accommodation options and some truly superb resort facilities at often highly attractive off-plan prices, the Forbes judgement starts to make real sense. Off-plan deals that have the potential to deliver a high return on investment for both private buyers and buy to let investors mean that North Cyprus is most clearly a serious worldwide and Mediterranean player and fully justifies the Forbes Investment Magazine global number one spot for beachfront property. The latest new beachfront resorts and complexes offer fantastic choices for private buyers seeking a holiday home or residence in the sun, or for the business property investor looking for great buy to let deals to take advantage of the booming Mediterranean rental market. These property development projects and complexes mostly offer a whole range of on-site attractions like restaurants, playgrounds and swimming pools. Some that offer individual villas or bungalows may well include private pools. Wide choices of accommodation and wide choices of on-site facilities make these projects something that all buyers should seriously consider. The luxury of on-site convenience together with usually stunning sea views and access to sandy beaches combine to create a real winning formula for those wishing to own a beautiful home by the sea or to capitalise on the business potential aspect of rental income and buy to let ownership.

Why buy off-plan?

There are essentially two main advantages that accrue from buying real estate property off-plan. The first is the potential for rapid capital growth. This is available to the real estate property investor, big or small, because of the way these projects are structured by the property and project developers. A marketing price for the investment property when the project is completed and key ready is carefully calculated based upon known market factors and trends. This becomes effectively the price datum. As an incentive for investors to take up options at an early stage, the key ready price is discounted. This discount can vary but is normally very attractive indeed. The project launch price list will offer these low discounted prices and those placing deposits at this stage will expect to see their investment increase in value as the prices rise in stages towards the completion of the project and handover of the keys. These purchase plans are as near as you are likely to get to a built-in high return on your investment.

In addition to the highly attractive discounted property prices normally available to the early investor, some off-plan deals include beneficial add-ons like special finance terms and even rental guarantees in some cases. Busy Bees Estate Agents act as selling agents for a number of leading North Cyprus property developers and are always pleased to advise current market offers to interested buyers and investors. The other big factor that early off-plan investors benefit from is choice. Choice of the best positions and property types on the beachfront complex projects is a real advantage. If you just want a single unit for holiday home or residence you will want the best location and with the best sea views that you can get. If you want buy to let units as a business you know that the better positions command higher rents. All these benefits come as a result of getting in on the ground floor. Even if you miss the very early prime off-plan deals, all is not lost. There are still usually good savings to be made as the project moves on towards completion so just ask Busy Bees Estate Agents what deals are still on the table for any particular project that appeals to you.

For those not wishing to buy off-plan but wishing to buy a key ready home in North Cyprus either on a beach front complex or on an individual plot, Busy Bees Estate Investments Consultants have a fantastic portfolio to offer our clients. New and pre-owned villas and apartments in stunning locations such as Kyrenia, Esentepe, Lapta,Tatlisu, Longbeach and many other delightful places. Want to be near the beach? No problem. Want to be near the Korineum Golf and Country Club? No problem. Just tell us your dream and leave the rest to us. Busy Bees Estate Agents have two offices and can present a fabulous choice whether it be for a villa, a bungalow or an apartment, including penthouses. North Cyprus has long been a popular choice for buying a property abroad with the British, maybe this is in part due to a long historical association when the country was a British Protectorate and later a Crown Colony. English is widely spoken and many Turkish Cypriots still live or have homes in the U.K. Now many more nationalities find North Cyprus a delightful place in which to buy real estate property and many choose to live here full time. This hidden gem in the sparkling Mediterranean Sea is no longer hidden. Forbes Magazine knowing about this wonderful warm and friendly spot and identifying the investment potential attached to owning property here will attract many more who will be made most welcome. You may well wish to be among their number.

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