Investor Guaranteed Financing

Guaranteed Finance

What changes a good deal into a great deal? What changes a fair investment into a fabulous investment?

The answer to both questions could well be the benefits that accrue from genuinely sound finance plans that can both enable your early investment, and greatly increase the potential for a high return on that investment. We all know that the best off-plan deals are those snapped up early in the release of a project. Best property options and best prices. Taking advantage of these plans can also free up your capital allowing you to further invest in your future prosperity.

One of the major perks when purchasing off-plan property in Northern Cyprus is the quality and availability of the payment plans available. Currently, at least 99% of the payment plans are guaranteed, no proof of income is required, and best of all, most are interest-free! The type of finance offered depends on the development, however, the standard payment plan generally requires a 30% down payment and, the remaining 70% in interest-free instalments until the completion date of the property you have chosen. Therefore the later the completion date, the longer the payment plan. For example, we have one development where we have properties due to complete in the year 2026, therefore, offering an 80 monthly interest-free payment plan for 70% of the property value! Also, on 99% of the developments we can offer clients the choice of paying either on a monthly or quarterly basis.

As with most property markets, mortgages are extremely rare right now, however, there are very few developments where we can offer up to a 10 year mortgage with an interest rate of 9% APR per annum.

The influential Forbes Investment Magazine recently rated North Cyprus as the best investment choice for property close to its fabulous beaches. These payment plans can greatly assist you in benefitting from these deals whether it be for a holiday or residential home or as a buy-to-let business investor.

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